What is Restoration?

Restoration Enterprises is an investment company that specializes in revitalizing distressed properties and designing and building new homes. With special emphasis on attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship, Restoration’s experienced in-house team has the unique advantage of keeping costs low to ensure profitability in any market condition.


Over the years, Restoration has grown into a multi-faceted company with a growing balance sheet of assets. The company is well positioned for future success and to take advantage of any future market downturns. Click here to see some of Restoration’s past projects.

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What Can We Do For You?

When we’re not involved with one of our investment projects, we do a little bit of everything. We help design home renovations and people’s dream homes. We can even build it for you! We can connect you with an experienced agent if you’re looking for an investment property. We can help market your property with drone photography. We provide tons of resources for real estate education, financial literacy, and even spiritual books to help find meaning and purpose. If you’re an investor and want to work with us, let’s connect and take a closer look at some numbers.


Finally, maybe you just have questions on how to get started investing in real estate or anything else investing related. We’re happy to chat and help with that too! What started out as simply a house remodeling business has turned into a passion to educate on the topic of financial literacy, how to achieve financial freedom, and how to do so with great passion while not sacrificing a healthy and balanced life. Click below to learn more about the company’s success drivers and philosophy.

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Before after bathroom remodel


Ah yes, the before and after photos! Everyone loves a good before and after. You can come here to check out some of the previous properties Restoration has completed. Deciding how much remodeling should be done in order to maximize profitability is extremely important. You'll notice that some have been renovated far more than others. "Sometimes the most profitable remodels require the least work. You just have to buy right."- The Godfather

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The Show

Are you an HGTV person? Come on over to the new YouTube channel where we show you the REAL remodeling process. You won't find any made-for-TV "exaggerations" here. Learn the thought process from start to finish and witness the ups (mostly ups) and downs of real estate investing. We're not at a professional production level, but if people enjoy the videos, we'll keep upgrading the experience. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Charity water bottles


Restoration started a small company in 2020 called Live With Purpose to use the proceeds to build the charitable arm of the company. The company sells colorful and affordable stainless steel water bottles and tumblers. For every purchase, 100% of proceeds go to our Kiva campaign. Go check out our campaign and learn how to be part of improving someone's life!

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Featured remodel project

Featured Project

Check out what we're currently working on! This house drew our attention because of the sheer size and potential to better utilize the existing space. A typical outdated house built in 1976, this baby was in need of a serious facelift. Whenever there's inefficiency in layout, an opportunity exists! You can follow the progress both here and on Instagram @restoration_enterprises. Instagram allows for some fun interactive design choices from you!

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Career and Investment Opportunities

If it’s the right fit, Restoration is always looking¬†to expand,¬†whether adding to the team on the construction end, adding property acquisition team members, marketing personnel, or teaming up with investors. Shoot us a message. We’d love to hear from you!

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