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Fostering Self-growth

Restoration’s philosophy is based upon fostering continual self-growth and learning and empowering all members of the company to make important decisions. This allows each member of the team to be an integral part of the future success of the company and thus incentivizes them to produce quality work. Restoration believes above all that life should be an enjoyable experience and that work is only a vehicle to enjoy the things we love to do.


One of the key drivers of success that allows Restoration to gain a competitive advantage is the focus on keeping as much of the real estate investing process in-house. What does that mean?


Take a typical remodeling project. From start to finish, Restoration’s team handles the search and acquisition, the profit analysis, the purchase, the VAR (value after remodeling) analysis, the remodeling budget, the design and layout, the actual construction trades, material selection and purchase, marketing and pricing analysis, and finally selling the property. In an increasingly competitive market, it’s incredibly valuable to have the experience and expertise to be laser accurate throughout this process.


One miscalculation can cause a seemingly profitable venture to be a losing battle. It’s equally as important to be able to keep costs as low as possible while still producing a quality product. Many real estate investment companies unfortunately fall prey to this dilemma by simply cutting corners and producing a less quality finished product. Restoration achieves this competitive advantage by keeping this process in-house and ALWAYS taking pride in the quality of workmanship.


Finally, Restoration strongly believes that the process should be fun. The workspace is always light hearted. Two of the project managers provide constant comedic relief and could have their own comedy show. If we don’t enjoy the environment we work in, how can we produce at a consistently high level?