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Looking to join the team? We’re looking for people who have a passion for continual self-growth and learning, an obsession with success, a desire to give back, and a propensity for having fun. If you’re intrigued but aren’t sure if you’re qualified, don’t worry! We have team members that can train you. Whether it’s on-the-job construction skills or something like property acquisitions or property management, Restoration offers training and internship opportunities.


If you’ve considered getting into investing and just don’t know how to start, we’re also happy to help give any advice and help in any way. We can provide a licensed real estate agent with investing experience to help you find the perfect investment property in VA, DC, and MD. If you’re an investor looking to partner with us, let’s connect and we can provide more specific numbers on Restoration’s profitability. In 10 years of investing, Restoration can proudly say it’s never experienced a loss on any project. And it doesn’t plan to do so any time soon.


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